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SARASOTA, Fl., September 18th, 2023 — Have you ever failed repeatedly at a project? Do you have a dream or idea that is close to your heart? Are you secretly harboring a great business idea that you think could be the next big thing? You can achieve success by correctly channeling your energy.

David Wilkinson is a business coach, consultant, author, and speaker. He launched the Global Equipping Centre in 2009 which inspires leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. David spoke to a gathering of the Sarasota Alternative Investment Club about Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence. He promoted the idea that you can control the types of opportunities that come your way, drawing positive outcomes into your path. David’s theory can be applied to not only investing, but all facets of life.

The ability to realize your goals, to see your plans take root and flourish, is attainable due to the science of momentum. The law of momentum states: “Motion never changes in an isolated collection of objects; the total momentum of a system remains constant. Momentum is equal to the mass of an object multiplied by its velocity and is equivalent to the force required to bring the object to a stop in a unit length of time. For several objects, the total momentum is the sum of the individual momenta.” In other words, you continue at the same pace unless acted on by outside forces that can change your forward progress. You can increase your momentum by joining with others who add their force to yours, and by avoiding things that counteract your momentum.

Pushing a rock

David compared working towards your goal to pushing a rock up a hill. The rock is your dream, the hill is the struggle to gain momentum, and the top of the hill is the tipping point. The path will be strewn with distraction and impediments in many different forms. For example, if the goal is to start a business, the impediments could include codes and regulations, supply issues, and staffing. Those can cause an increase in work, meaning a longer time overcoming obstacles. Sometimes the goal itself may have inherent difficulties, that he likened to pushing a boulder that is square-shaped. In this case, you may have to find a unique strategy to get this boulder to the top.

He warned that, even after getting over the hump of adversity, you should continue to nurture your goal and not lose focus. David defined achievement as having more success and opportunities than you can deal with.

Creating a vortex

David believes that building positive momentum will create a vortex around you that pulls in opportunities. You should use your natural intuition to cull the good from the bad. You should surround yourself with people and activities that you have a natural inclination towards. Part of what you need to increase your momentum is other people with influence, capital, skills, or compatible energy.

At the same time that this vortex that will surround you to draw in what you want and need, will also draw in sapsuckers. Those are people who will derail your momentum with negative thoughts, words, and actions. Your mobile phone and the internet can be sapsuckers, constantly barraging you with things to distract you. He warned against partnering with people who will cause you to fail, as they are really sucking energy away from the project. You should identify who drains your energy, and you need to find ways to lessen your interactions with them.

Trust your gut

David believes you must do all due diligence when assessing if something is correct for you, but you must treat your gut feelings as an equal weight on the scales of decision, no matter how it looks on paper. Using your natural intuition for what is right is the ultimate way forward. However, do not confuse desire with intuition when making decisions. Just because you want a certain outcome, never overlook red flags. Excitement for a plan can often cause you to be less cautious. Listen to those you have chosen to trust, and weigh your decisions carefully.

Be Single-minded

David wants you to have a vision of what you want and rally all your energy to further that goal before all others. Acknowledge that for a certain amount of time, this goal will be prioritized. Having a team that is invested in the same goal allows you increase momentum. It is important to surround yourself with others who allow you to focus your full attention and energy on one thing and help remove distractions. He stated, if you work with all your power singularly focused for 90 straight days you should be able to achieve any goal.

In conclusion David offers this advice:

The trick to success is to find the right dream, the right place, the right time, and the right people to join you. Once you find these things you will gain momentum that will further your endeavor. The Key is to know WHAT your passion is. Are you striving towards the right goal?

And surprisingly, you need to have a large enough goal. He says if you already know how to achieve the goal, it isn’t big enough!

Becoming an entrepreneurial vortex is the methodology for attracting people, opportunities and resources into your pathway so that you can become extremely successful.” – David Wilkinson