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Three Investment Pillars

Our Expertise is Focused on Real Estate, Mortgage Notes, and Energy Verticals.

Mortgage Notes

In 2013, we acquired our first pool of non-performing first mortgages on Ohio properties. After establishing reliable strategies around sourcing, due diligence, and asset and portfolio management, we can now purchase mortgages with predictability. Our guiding mission is to balance profitable mortgage note investing while keeping homeowners in affordable homes.

Upholding this mission has shaped our company culture of devoted care and cash flow generation. Currently, we manage over 1000 mortgages nationwide.

Energy Assets

Our interest in energy assets generating continuous cash flow began years ago.  Currently, we have investments in such assets across North Dakota, Alabama, and Texas. These primarily renewable energy-based assets align with our 4C investment philosophy of “Community”. They range from Bitcoin mining using stranded natural gas to windmill-produced energy.

Commercial Real Estate

Since purchasing our initial commercial building in 2009, the managing partners have expanded Bequest’s real estate portfolio significantly. Post-2013, we acquired numerous properties for long-term rentals, developing systematic approaches to property procurement, preparation, tenant onboarding, continuous management, and financial administration.

A key asset includes our 61000 square foot medical office building in Houston, TX.