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The 4 C’s

Our Bequest Family creates a better world with one simple investment.  What does this mean?  It all comes down to our 4C Approach to Investing

Unlocking Cashflow

In 2004, our pursuit of financial independence began. Our leaders aimed not just for survival, but educated themselves on wealth creation principles from experts like Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, and Tony Robbins, recognizing the importance of regular income for professional investing.

One partner founded a Federal Government contracting firm, while the other excelled in fintech. They both ventured into real estate in the 2000s, generating monthly passive income. Eventually, Martin Saenz began purchasing mortgage pools from the U.S.’s secondary market, seamlessly integrating a business operation with investment progression.

Taking Control

Our 20-year journey to financial freedom has shown that success lies in investment control. Mr. Saenz’s experience with a government contracting firm shaped his fiscal expertise, while both he and Mr. Muneio refined strategies for sourcing assets, performing due diligence, and asset management through their roles as landlords and lienlords.

A systematic sourcing strategy guarantees steady deal flow aligned to your investment limits. A simplified due diligence process enhances uniformity in asset evaluation and outcome predictability before acquisition. Effective management of assets and portfolio is crucial for performance optimization after acquisition.

Growing Community

Our growth strategy focuses on “Community,” investing in socially responsible real estate and energy assets which contribute to a better world.

We view our investors as community members, leading with our expertise and joint investments. Our team is also a community.  The culture thrives through daily morning meetings that center on our mission, values, and inclusive participation.

Simplifying Investments for Comprehension

“Investments must be rational; if you can’t understand it, don’t do it.” – Warren Buffet

We promote comprehensible asset investment. If you have a mortgage, drive a vehicle, or use electricity, our investment options will resonate with you.