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Consistent Passive Monthly Income

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Whether through using mortgage notes and loans or commercial real estate properties, Bequest empowers those interested in financial freedom and generational wealth with high yield, low risk investment options. Select Bequest Capital above to learn how we are able to leverage our in-house acquisition team, strong underwriting, and hybrid investment strategy for immediate monthly income for investors.

Bequest Income Funds provides clients with a passive stream of income from performing mortgages purchased from the secondary mortgage market. By leveraging our decade plus experience, industry network, and dedicated technologies, investors are rewarded with predictable passive cashflow. 

Investor First, Ethically Driven Investment Firm

Bequest utilizes a cutting-edge hybrid investment strategy to provide passive monthly income

Having over a decade of experience in mortgage notes, Bequest is able to combine different asset classes and empower our investors with unique and powerful opportunities.

Bequest empowers accredited investors with predictable and consistent monthly cashflow.

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Managing Partners

Martin Saenz

Managing Partner & Chief Relationship Officer

Martin Saenz is a successful entrepreneur, accomplished writer, and real estate investor. For over 18 years, he has owned and operated multiple successful companies and educated thousands on mortgage notes. Martin is frequently described as genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world for all through profitable businesses.

Shawn Muneio

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Shawn Muneio is a forward - thinking, passionate entrepreneur in South Florida and joins Bequest Legacy Investing as a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. Thanks to Shawn’s detail-oriented and visionary mindset, Bequest is empowered to operate with tech-enabled transparency and a strong data-driven investment strategy.

Kaveh Mehregan

Managing Partner & Chief Strategy officer

Kaveh Mehregan’s purpose is to help others achieve their ultimate potential and financial freedom. Kaveh joins the Bequest Legacy Investing team as a Managing Partner and Chief Strategy officer where he channels his passions for real estate, passive income, and sales to grow our investing relations and marketing department.

Amanda Mehregan

Head of acquisition & disposition

Amanda Mehregan is a sophisticated real estate businesswoman, driven by a passion to find acquire the most powerfully performing assets in the market. She considers each acquisition a fundamental constituent in the empire of legacy wealth we are building with our investors.

Our Dedication To You

Bequest, by its very definition, is about legacy, focusing Our family is to help yours create generational wealth

Bequest, by its very definition, is about legacy, focusing Our family is to help yours create generational wealth

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Investing Involves Risk, Including Loss Of Principal. Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Or Indicate Future Results. Any Historical Returns, Expected Returns, Or Probability Projections May Not Reflect Actual Future Performance. While The Data We Use From Third Parties Is Believed To Be Reliable, We Cannot Ensure The Accuracy Or Completeness Of Data Provided By Investors Or Other Third Parties. Bequest Capital Does Not Provide Tax Advice And Do Not Represent In Any Manner That The Outcomes Described Herein Will Result In Any Particular Tax Consequence. Offers To Sell, Or Solicitations Of Offers To Buy, Any Security Can Only Be Made Through Official Offering Documents That Contain Important Information About Investment Objectives, Risks, Fees And Expenses. Prospective Investors Should Consult With A Tax Or Legal Adviser Before Making Any Investment Decision.