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How We Help Our Investors

Our investment fund purchases and manages performing mortgages, paying our investors consistent returns.

How We Support Investors

How The Income Fund Works

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With a proprietary underwriting model and low-risk profitability, our expertise allows the Bequest family of investors to enjoy the benefits of mortgage note investing. In turn, our shared success enables more families across America to avoid foreclosure – and more communities to thrive.

Income into the fund is generated from borrower’s making their monthly payments or from the borrower refinancing or selling the property. The charts below shows the growth of the investment over time from either your option to take monthly distributions or to allow your monthly distributions to compound.

Consistent returns

Our 8% dividend payment does not change over time, and we have never missed a payment to our investors.

Efficient administration

With low overhead, our effective management structure allows us to do more with less, with high returns.

No extra fees

In-house asset management is paid for by fund managers; we have no junk or fund administration fees.

Flexible model

By targeting higher returns across a range of opportunities to purchase and manage mortgage debt.

Dependable income

Our payout model is ideal for retirees or those who depend on or prefer the consistency of stable income.

Lasting asset value

Our assets are based on intrinsic property value - much lower volatility than typical fund investments.

How We Support Investors

Reinforcing Ethics with Technology

The Bequest Fund assets are secured by real estate. We own notes in over 35 states across the country, with an emphasis on the Midwest market. We purchase only performing mortgages, typically at a significant discount relative to a note’s actual worth — ensuring consistent monthly income, with the extra padding of more capital. Bequest Legacy Investing manages 3 performing asset classes: Mortgages, asset backed Hard Money loans, and asset backed Business Loans. Each note is underwritten individually by Bequest’s proprietary model before its acquisition.

Here For you

We believe a strong portfolio goes hand-in-hand with strong communities. The Bequest family of investors is building a legacy of wealth through values-based investing.

Creating financial success for our clients and communities is at the core of what we do, but the greater impacts of our work go beyond smart investments with great returns. We are a family-oriented company in every sense — supporting the families of our investors, and helping families in need of a second chance to stay in their homes.

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